Teeny Tiny Rice Krispy treat cupcakes

So last night we made quesadilla  pizzas I was going to blog about it, but I forgot to charge my camera. So I charged it and decided I would blog about desert. Tonight we made little itty bitty rice Krispy treat cupcakes. They are super easy to make. It was funny when we were making these, we were talking  about the food we make is great fun food for kids, and we dont even have any small kids…. anyway here we gooooo……

All you are going to need is…..

a bag of marshmallows, we decided to try the strawberry ones, mainly because my daughter is in love with pink.

6 cups of Rice Krispies

3 tablespoons of butter

Some sort of frosting, you can make your own, or if you are lazy like me, you can just buy the kind in a can.

Sprinkles if you desire.

Put the marshmallows and the butter in a pan on a low heat. Slowly melt the marshmallows and the butter. Make sure you stir it while it is melting.

This takes about 10 or so minutes when you are done it will look like this

Put your six cups of rice krispies in a bowl and when this marshmallow goo is all nice and melty pour it on the rice krispies.

When you get all the marshmallows stuff out of the pan, start mixing it with the rice krispies, you will need to move kind of fast, it gets very sticky very quick. We used a mini muffin pan to put the treats in. I used a little Pam in each one of the muffin slots. Take a little pile of this mixture and pack it in the muffin slots ( is that what the muffin holes are called, I really dont know)

This was sooooo sticky, I had a hard time getting them into the pan, and not sticking to my fingers. I used a small piece of wax paper to stuff the mixture in the pan. However, my child had no problem with it sticking to her, probably because she is a greasy kid, I don’t know.

It’ll look like this when you are done. I had way more mixture then I had room in the pan, so you could probably get about 32 tiny treats out of one batch.

I let them sit and get solid for about an hour. I, of course, had to hide them because psycho cat apparently love rice krispie treats, who would have guessed.

When about an hour passed, pop them out of the muffin slots and now you are ready to frost.

I piped the frosting on them. I got this little piping kit at Big Lots that came with a bag and about 6 tips for about a buck. I love a good bargin.

When you are all one you add some sprinkles if that is your thing. Of course we had to. When my daughter was little and you asked her what her favorite color was, she would reply “glitter”. So we added sparkly sprinkles.


I really like these, they are bite size. I think they would be perfect for a kids party.


2 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Rice Krispy treat cupcakes

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  2. Thank you soooooo much for sharing, I couldn’t even find the recipe for this, and I went on here, you put it out there step by step. Thank you sooooo much and I am definitely going to try this with my kids and my husband. Thanks again.

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