Starbucks shaken passion fruit tea.

So I really have grown to love Starbucks shaken passion fruit tea. It is sooo freaking good. They have a Starbucks in my local supermarket so every time I go grocery shopping I have to buy one, and at 5 bucks or so a pop, that is way too much. I am super cheap. So I have … Continue reading

Teeny Tiny Rice Krispy treat cupcakes

So last night we made quesadilla  pizzas I was going to blog about it, but I forgot to charge my camera. So I charged it and decided I would blog about desert. Tonight we made little itty bitty rice Krispy treat cupcakes. They are super easy to make. It was funny when we were making these, we … Continue reading

Homemade CheezIts

Well the other night I had this really weird dream where the bottom of my foot had like a hinge on it and it would flap open and you could see my bones and stuff, it was really crazy. So I had to go to the hospital and get it stitched up. Before I could … Continue reading

My very first blog…..

I am an accountant by day, a photographer by night, and I love to cook. I decided this evening while me and my daughter were cooking supper, and I wanted to start blogging about all out trials and tribulations when it comes to cooking. I suppose that I wont always blog about cooking, hell I may never … Continue reading